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Lombard, Illinois

ABA Therapy Clinic in Lombard

clinic in Lombard, IL

Our 16,000-square-foot ABA Therapy Center In Lombard, Illinois is open! This center has been part of our plan here at ATG for quite some time, and we have finally found the perfect place.

We believe this will allow us to expand and enhance our applied behavioral analysis treatment programs and really commit to our families. We can fully focus on the commitment to care that we promise for each individual. If Lombard isn’t a good fit for you, check out some of the surrounding areas we offer in-home therapy such as Glendale Heights, Wheaton, Carol Stream, Addison, Emhurst, Westmont, Naperville, Warrenville, Lisle and more!

How to find us:

Address: 991 Oak Creek Dr. Lombard, IL 60148

Phone: (847) 465-9556

Email: info@atgtogether.com

About the ABA Therapy Center In Lombard

With our clinic, we are hoping to service more families than ever! The large amounts of space and private one-on-one rooms will give your child the best environment to learn and grow. We know that finding the right program for each individual is important, so we offer a variety of services to fit every need. One of our main features, the large space designated for play will provide a place for children to explore and release energy in a safe and monitored setting. This alos gives the opportunity to socialize and interact with other peers:

Some of our clinic features:

To see a tour of our clinic, click the video link below!


Benefits of Clinic-Based Treatment

clinic-based therapy Lombard, IL

ABA therapy is a unique form of therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders. It is customized for each child. It has the potential to be appropriate for anyone, and it can be adapted for nearly any situation.

This raises the question: Why should you go to a clinic for ABA therapy? To start, it allows your child to interact in a location other than home. That can be important for a number of reasons. It exposes your child to new things and new people in a safe and controlled environment. Second, ABA therapy centers provide an opportunity for children to interact with other children with autism. That is valuable for social development. Finally, our clinic-based services provide continuity of care. If you move or change therapists, you can still come to the same place for treatment.

As therapists, the more we can isolate specific processes, stimuli, and behaviors, the better we can make the hypotheses that guide our treatment decisions. It is usually easier to remove distractions and variables in the clinic than it is at home. That allows us to focus on your child and giving them the most effective treatment possible.

Combining Home-Based and Clinical Settings in Lombard, Illinoisin-home aba therapy Lombard, IL

One of the most exciting aspects of opening a center is being able to combine clinic-based and home-based treatment into our plans. This will give your children access to a wider range of environments, equipment, and social settings — all while maintaining the data collection and analysis processes that guide our therapeutic decisions.

Regardless of which form it takes for your child, ABA is the leading treatment for autism. It has been approved by many local, state, and national authorities — right up to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office. Our Lombard location will serve families in the communities directly surrounding Lombard including but not limited to Downers Grove, Naperville, Westmont, Hinsdale, Elmhurst, and Glen Ellyn. Please call us at (847) 465-9556 at any time to learn the benefits of ABA Therapy at our Lombard center!

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