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In-Home ABA Therapy in Carol Stream

Behind every child who progresses towards a bright future is an actively involved parent. If your child has autism, ABA Therapy designed specifically for your child’s needs can be very effective. Our BCBA’s will focus on introducing and building skills while encouraging positive behaviors and eliminating behavior that is inappropriate.

Why Choose The Autism Therapy Group?

Intervention Prescription

At the Autism Therapy Group, we understand that each child with autism is unique and different in their own special way. Our goal is to help children define themselves with individuality. Our ABA therapists will work with you to design a special curriculum for your child that aligns with different behavioral goals.

In-Home ABA Therapy

We not only want your child to learn the necessary skills but also want them to be able to generalize those for broad application. Our in-home therapy sessions make transference of skills easier, making for improved quality of your child’s life.

Positive Child-Therapist Bond

Building a friendly, positive relationship with your child is one of the primary goals of our therapists. We want your child to feel comfortable and secure with us so that they may learn faster.

Teaching Skills Of Independence

We don’t want your child to rely on you due to ‘learned helplessness’ – and we’re sure you wouldn’t want it either! So, let’s help your child become independent and confident in everything they do. We teach children with autism how to perform basic everyday tasks and skills so they can take a major step in living a happier life of independence.

A Framework For Parents

We train parents to balance assistance with their child’s autonomy. Moreover, we provide them with a framework to help them handle learning opportunities in a proper, well-structured manner to promote their child’s growth.

Contact The Autism Therapy Group Today

Throughout the therapy sessions, we keep track of your child’s progress. We’ll make necessary adjustments in the therapy plan as we move forward based on your child’s development.

Together, we can help your child make significant progress through our ABA Therapy. Call The Autism Therapy Group today at (847) 465-9556 to see how our Carol Stream In-Home ABA Therapy sessions can help your child.

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