In-Home ABA Therapy In Joliet | Autism Spectrum Disorder

In-home ABA therapy in Joliet with The Autism Therapy Group is the best autism treatment method to help your autistic child reach their full potential.

Breaking Through The Barrier Of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

ASD doesn’t have a cure; this doesn’t mean that it cannot be managed. With progressive autism therapy, children with the condition can learn to interact and communicate just as well as those who don’t have this condition.

If you suspect your child falls in the autism spectrum, look out for the following behaviors:

  • The child takes things literally, and that includes things you say. For example, if you say ‘keep an eye on the cat,’ they will walk right up to the animal and try to do just that.
  • The child is unable to understand non-verbal communication, such as smiles, frowns, and tears.
  • The child may fixate on one thing to the point of obsession anytime.
  • The child is incapable of holding multiple thoughts in their head.
In-home ABA Therapy And Successful Parental Involvement In Joliet

This is where ABA Therapy can help. Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy can help children with autism improve their social and communication skills via strategic plans that are based on measurable goals. At The Autism Therapy Group, we offer in-home sessions that allow parents and caregivers to have an active role in their progress.

The relationship between parents and their children is critical when it comes to the latter’s developing social and communication skills. However, autistic children often have difficulty connecting with their parents, which can lead to frustration. With in-home ABA therapy sessions, we can help you bridge that gap with evidence-based, non-invasive practices that you can do at home.

This option will provide more opportunities for effective ABA interventions and increase your child’s chances of maintaining desired behaviors.

The first thing that your child’s therapist will do is use observations from the initial consultation to creating a formal plan for the therapy. The plan will consist of elements that align with special needs and can result in specific positive goals, such as reducing violent outbursts, self-injury incidents, etc.

What ATG Offers

 Young therapist helping child in Joliet

At the Autism Therapy Group, we offer certain services that can allow your child to reach their best potential and maintain their quality of life. This includes assessment services, which include an assessment of their communication skills, cognitive skill, and complete clinical evaluation to understand where they fall in the autism spectrum as well as the factors that cause certain behaviors.

This is followed by intervention services that cater specifically to your child’s special needs, promote positive behaviors, and reduce negative ones. We understand that every child with autism is different with unique development requirements. Our trained consultants and therapists will ensure that they receive the attention, love, care, and understanding they deserve.

Our home-based therapy sessions are designed to ensure these special children can learn in an environment that is conducive to their mental and physical well being. In fact, rather than taking our word for it, please give us a call by dialing (847) 465-9556 to learn more.