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Applied Behavior Analysts

Why ABA Therapy For Your Child In Lisle?

Scientifically Proven Treatment

Research and clinical framework prove that ABA is an evidence-based intervention that helps improve the quality of life for children with autism.

Applied behavior analysts at the Autism Therapy Group have been using this powerful tool to enhance the lives of autistic children every day.

Builds Social Skills

We utilize custom-designed behavioral interventions in our therapy sessions to teach the necessary social skills to autistic children. We help them learn how to communicate with peers and make friends.

Teaches Independent Living Skills

Our therapists are skilled at observing and noting patterns of behavior in autistic children – and responding to them accordingly.

We teach them vital skills, including brushing their teeth, toileting, getting dressed, and sleeping through the night.

Trains Parents

Our trained therapists help parents learn the best ways to deal with their autistic child, increasing the chances of nurturing their development.

We aim to empower both autistic children and their parents by teaching them helpful skills through behavioral analysis.

Enhances Life Satisfaction

With in-home ABA therapy, we aim to give children and their parents a wonderful gift.

By teaching children the basic life skills and ability to deal with challenges, we strive to empower them. And by helping parents see their kids performing well in life and becoming independent, we spread happiness.

ABA Therapy for Your Child At Home

At the Autism Therapy Group, we believe that ABA therapy works wonders for children with autism when conducted outside a clinical setting.

We provide therapy sessions for your child at home or in a community setting in Lisle to make sure that they don’t only learn the necessary skills but also are able to apply them in real-life situations.

Our ABA therapy may be the stepping stone for your child to a happy, fulfilling future.

Contact us today at (847) 465-9556 to see how in-home ABA therapy can help your child.