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The Autism Therapy Group aims to help your child discover their true potential by working with them at your home or other community settings. Autism is only a part of your child. There’s so much more to them than a diagnosis.

Our in-home ABA therapy offers a customized treatment plan to address and meet the unique needs of your child. ATG’s well-planned behavioral interventions are effective in helping children learn basic life skills, communication skills, and social skills.

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ATG’s Partnership with the BHCOE

We hold ourselves to a higher standard and partner with the BHCOE to make sure ATG is providing high-quality ABA therapy services for all our families. In 2020, ATG received a two-year accreditation from the BHCOE in recognition that we have met and continue to meet an assortment of clinical and administrative standards as determined by the independent third-party evaluator. This group serves as a client protection mechanism that indicates ATG is committed to quality improvement, transparency, and accountability.

Committed to Clinically Proven Care

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that ABA therapy can improve communication, social relationships, play skills, and self-care for children with autism. The techniques have been shown to help children perform better in school and may even prepare some children for future employment. Early intervention is most effective, but even when applied to adults, research confirms that ABA is a powerful method for reducing undesirable behaviors and increasing positive social interaction.

The Autism Therapy Group Encourages Family Participation

Importantly, many parents of children receiving Applied Behavior Analysis report a significant reduction in daily stress. Parent involvement is incredibly important to the healthy development of all children – but, being the parent of a child with autism is not easy. ABA therapy can offer parents significant relief from the stress of caring for a child on the spectrum by offering the skills to help them communicate more effectively with their child. It’s hard to underestimate the impact this can have on the overall health of a family.

Let’s dig deeper into how ATG can help your family.

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