The Autism Therapy Group’s ABA Therapy Center In Lombard

Our new 16,000-square-foot ABA Therapy Center In Lombard, Illinois is now open! This center has been part of our plan here at ATG for quite some time, and we have finally found the perfect place.

We believe this will allow us to expand and enhance our applied behavioral analysis treatment programs. There is no waiting list at the moment, so please call us at (847) 465-9556 to learn more about how this new facility could potentially benefit your child.

About the ABA Therapy Center In Lombard

It’s true that we are opening our new autism treatment facility at a challenging time. We are keeping enrollment low at the beginning. Our support staff will continue to work from home. Of course, we are also continuing our in-home ABA therapy services. That said, here are some of the things we are looking forward to:

  • Over 16,000 square feet
  • Dedicated office, reception, and therapy areas
  • Plenty of room for individual learning sessions
  • No waitlist
  • Increased support for home autism treatment in the Lombard area

Benefits of Clinic-Based Treatment

ABA therapy is a unique form of therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders. It is customized for each child. That makes it very versatile. It has the potential to be appropriate for anyone, and it can be adapted for nearly any situation.

That raises the question: Why should you go to a clinic for ABA therapy? Simply put, we can control a treatment center environment as much as we want.

ABA therapy is a scientific technique, and ASDs are complicated. As therapists, the more we can isolate specific processes, stimuli, and behaviors, the better we can make the hypotheses that guide our treatment decisions.

It is usually easier to remove distractions and variables in the clinic than it is at home. This is especially beneficial for certain types of ASDs, but it also tends to help most children.

Combining Home-Based and Clinical Settings

One of the most exciting aspects of opening a center is being able to combine clinic-based and home-based treatment into our plans. This will give your children access to a wider range of environments, equipment, and social settings — all while maintaining the data collection and analysis processes that guide our therapeutic decisions.

Regardless of which form it takes for your child, ABA is the leading treatment for autism. It has been approved by many local, state, and national authorities — right up to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office. Our Lombard location will serve families in the communities directly surrounding Lombard including but not limited to Downers Grove, Naperville, Westmont, Hinsdale, Elmhurst, and Glen Ellyn. Please call us at (847) 465-9556 at any time to learn the benefits of ABA Therapy at our new Lombard center!