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We offer our ABA services across three different states, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas. We have a number of locations within these states in order to better serve you. Listed below are the specific areas we service, and if you need any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Texas Wisconsin
• Chicago
• Naperville
• Schaumburg
• Northshore
San Antonio
• Floresville
• Eagle Pass
• Del Rio
• Kenosha

ABA Therapy: Why you should consider it for your child with ASD

ABA therapy is one of the most effective treatments for autism and related disorders. ABA has been found to improve social skills, communication, behavior and more. There are so many reasons to consider ABA therapy for your child with ASD. Some of the benefits include:

  1. ABA therapy can help improve social skills, communication, and behavior.
  2. ABA therapy is tailored specifically to each child and their individual needs.
  3. ABA therapy is fun and engaging, which helps keep children motivated to learn.
  4. ABA therapy can help children reach their full potential.

Above all these benefits, ABA therapy can help improve the quality of life for your child and your entire family. If you are considering ABA therapy for your child, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started on the path to success. Call today for a free insurance check and benefits review! Learn more about getting in touch below.

How to get in contact with us

If you would like to get started with services or learn more about ABA Therapy, get in touch today! You can call us 24/7 at (847) 465-9556 or email us at info@atgtogether.com. If you would like to learn more about our ABA services and our ATG support team, click here.