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The first step for starting services is to reach out to ATG to discuss your child’s specific needs and begin a free insurance consultation. We are available 24/7 by phone, text, or email – call (847) 465-9556 or contact us here.

ATG will help you through each step of the process from your initial consultation to the start of your child’s services:

Initial Consultation ATG

Initial Consultation – We will conduct an initial phone consultation with you to discuss some general topics such as your child’s background and needs, previous treatment, scheduling availability, and obtaining the necessary information for insurance verification.  We are available 24/7 by phone, text or email – call (847) 465-9556 or contact us here.

Initial Assessment ATG

Initial Assessment – Once we have verified insurance and gained authorization for an assessment, one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) will come to your home to meet your child.  This visit will be a combination of formal and informal assessment tools and will serve as the foundation of their individualized treatment plan.

Individualized Treatment Plan ATG

Individualized Treatment Plan – Your child’s Board Certified Behavior Analyst will use the information collected from the assessment to create a personalized treatment plan customized to address your child’s specific needs.

Start of Services ATG

Start of Services – Once we receive confirmation from your insurance carrier that your child’s treatment plan has been authorized, we will confirm the treatment schedule.  It is critical that a regular treatment schedule is established and maintained to ensure continuity and consistency for your child.  We will then introduce your child’s therapist(s) to your child to begin ongoing services.  To learn more about our team set up and program structure, as well as your involvement in the process, please see more detail on our services.

Continuous Evaluation ATG

Continuous Evaluation – The key to successful ABA services is continuous evaluation of your child’s progress.  Roughly every 6 months, your child will be reassessed by his or her Board Certified Behavior Analyst to ensure that the necessary progress is being made and to identify existing or new areas for your child’s development.

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We are available 24/7 by phone, text or email – call (847) 465-9556 or contact us here.