How We Help

How We Help

You and Your Child Deserve the Best Support for Autism

You want what’s best for your child. So do we. But we also want what’s best for you and your whole family. Here at The Autism Therapy Group, our team of ABA specialists provides top-notch autism support on several levels. 

From our highly-skilled therapists, coordination of care, and client support team, you and your child will get the best autism support around. 

Our Three-Pillar Approach Supports You and Your Child

Our experienced ABA specialists professionally implement your child’s customized therapy program. We implement a three-pillar approach to ensure both your child and you are adequately supported. 

Your client support team includes three key members:

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
  • work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan
  • ensures your client support team provides effective treatment. 

  • Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)
    • works one-on-one with your child to achieve clinical goals
    • records progress in every session


  • Client Services Manager
    • Always available to help you with any non-clinical topics, including:
      • intake forms
      • Grant applications
      • insurance questions
      • billing
      • and more

We take pride in ensuring the best possible support for you and your child from the moment you contact us. You’ll never feel in the dark about your child’s treatment, progress, and future. We’re here for you every step of the way. 

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Our Client Support Goes Beyond the ABA Therapy Sessions

You get more than just a qualified therapist working with your child. At The Autism Therapy Group, you get a unified team prepared to offer superior empathetic support skills. And we do that in your home and at our ABA clinic in Lombard, IL. 

But our client support goes far beyond our top-notch ABA specialists. We provide you with high-quality services in everything we do for you and your family. 

  • Assessment Services

If you’re unsure about whether your child is reaching the typical developmental milestones, we can help. We offer behavioral and developmental assessments and complete clinical evaluations. From here, we’ll put together the ideal ABA therapy treatment plan to meet their individual needs. 

  • Intervention Services

During your child’s ABA therapy sessions, we provide custom-tailored solutions to cater to your child. We’ll promote your child’s pleasant behaviors and decrease harmful or negative behaviors. 

  • One-on-One Treatment

Your child isn’t just a number when they meet with their RBT. They not only receive excellent autism support, but they also receive the attention, love, and care they deserve. 

  • Coordination of Care

We believe in creating a complete care plan for your child. We’ll work with other care providers and community members to ensure your child’s education, healthcare, and family coal are consistent with their ABA therapy program.

  • Parent Training

Parent involvement is crucial to effective ABA therapy. You are an extension of your child’s therapy team. And your love, care, and support help them grow in ways their therapist can’t give them. That’s why we hold regular parent training sessions to help you learn and understand your child’s needs and how to address them properly.

  • Community Integration

Your child is wonderfully unique. Just because they have ASD doesn’t mean they should feel different from their peers. Our goal is to improve your child’s overall quality of life. We’ll help them optimize their personal lives and skills to become happy, thriving community members.

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Our Level of Client Support is What Sets Us Apart

We know you have options for finding the proper support for autism. But rest assured, you’ll get the best ABA treatment, support, and care you and your child deserve at The Autism Therapy Group.

We’re here to help your child gain better independence, decrease negative behaviors, and increase life fulfillment. And with your help, together we can do that. 

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