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In-Home Autism Treatment in Chicago using ABA therapy with The Autism Therapy Group is the best way for your autistic child to realize their potential. If your child has autism there is nothing that should hold them back from living a completely normal childhood. This includes learning skills that can build their confidence, self-esteem, and make them more independent. At The Autism Therapy Group in Chicago, we use in-home autism treatment through ABA therapy to teach them skills that you use at your home daily.

What is ABA Therapy?

The aim of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is a systematic approach to treating the symptoms of autism while improving communication skills and reducing challenging behaviors. We understand that the inability to communicate can be highly frustrating for children with autism. Most of the time, that frustration results in destructive behavior.

In-home ABA therapy in Chicago improves the child’s ability to communicate in socially acceptable ways in a home setting. The aim is to help the child achieve milestones in their development in different home settings and as they grow.

Custom ABA Therapy Services in Chicago

At the Autism Therapy Group, our specialists understand that children with autism experience the world differently. That is why we also provide our services in settings that can accommodate the specific needs of every child we work with. With in-home ABA therapy services in Chicago, we can cater to each child’s comfort levels and observe them on a personal level. Some of the services we provide, which are designed to help us achieve that goal include:

Parent Training – Children with autism are more susceptible to their parents’ approval than other children. At ATG, we also conduct special training sessions geared towards them to help them understand their child’s unique needs and perspective.

One-on-one treatment for toddlers – Toddlers who have autism are easily overwhelmed by too many stimuli and they can fixate on one thing. All of our treatment sessions, including our in-home ABA Therapy treatments, are personalized to fit each child’s needs and outlook. This allows us to give them a targeted treatment that can increase their confidence and make them feel loved. By validating their feelings and treating them in an environment they feel safe in, we can get faster positive results.

Complete clinical evaluation – If your child is not reaching developmental milestones at a pace they should be, they may have needs you are unaware of. At ATG, we can conduct a complete clinical evaluation of your child and create a personalized treatment plan that can fill those gaps.


Q: How do you perform ABA therapy at home?
A: We will establish a regular treatment schedule for your child based on his/her specific needs and introduce their therapist to them. The therapist will conduct treatment services at your home, based on a fixed schedule.

Q: What is in-home ABA?
A: In-home ABA sessions are applied behavioral analysis services that are conducted in the home of the child who has autism. It includes versatile family-based programs that can suit their developmental needs.

Q: How long does the therapy last?
A: The sessions are based on a fixed treatment plan post-analysis of your child. Every 6 months, the child is assessed by his/her BCBA to ensure the necessary progress is being made and to determine new areas of development. The treatment lasts till the child completes each established milestone.

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