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Glendale heights in-home ABA therapy with The Autism Therapy Group is the best autism treatment in the area for your child. Read on to learn more.

Early Intervention For Autism

Are you interested in providing your child with early intervention for autism in Glendale Heights?

We offer in-home services to teach vital skills to children with autism in a natural and comfortable environment.

Every autistic child is different with unique needs. We use effective techniques to open a door into their lives and improve their living standard.

All-inclusive Clinical Assessment

After collecting necessary child-related information from parents, including their age and behaviors of concern, our applied behavioral analysts schedule a clinical assessment to assess the skill level and behavior pattern of the child. From basic life skills to social skills, a variety of skills are evaluated through the direct observation method. This is crucial in order to develop an early intervention for autism plan for your child.

Personalized Therapy Sessions

The observational data we collect along with the discussions we have with parents help us understand the specific needs of a child with autism. Our certified applied behavior analysts devise a customized ABA therapy plan for each child, ensuring that the results are quick and positive.

Who Will Work With Your Child?

A qualified and highly experienced therapist will implement customized behavior reduction and skill acquisition programs during in-home ABA sessions.

Your child’s progress will be monitored closely, and therapy programs may be modified based on their development.

A registered therapist will work one-on-one with your child and keep you in the loop to guarantee that your child progresses and succeeds in their therapy sessions.

What In-Home ABA Therapy Sessions Look Like

At the Autism Therapy Group, all ABA therapy sessions are conducted at your home or in community settings to ensure optimal comfort for your child.

Our applied behavioral analysts will work on your child’s motor, vocal, and receptive skills. Moreover, they will teach them functional play, self-help, and other social skills in a natural environment.

Not only do we work on your child’s generalized skills, but we also help them participate in group responding sessions.

Our environment-based therapy aims to promote generalization and transference of the skills your child learns in a specific environment to a broader arena.

Parental Involvement

At the Autism Therapy Group, parents are not only encouraged to participate in their child’s therapy sessions but are also extensively trained to boost their progress.

We’ll teach you how to teach skills and handle problematic behaviors of your child so that you may deal with them confidently and with care.

Find ABA Therapy in Glendale Heights Today

If you have any questions about our in-home ABA therapy in Glendale Heights or want to get an assessment scheduled for your child, contact us today at (847) 465-9556.