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In-home ABA therapy in Plainfield with The Autism Therapy Group is the best autism treatment method to help your autistic child realize their full potential. Convenient, safe, and effective are just some of the reasons why parents of children with autism opt for in-home ABA therapy sessions rather than facility-based care. The option allows them to monitor their child’s progress and manage it via the effective implementation of techniques taught by the therapist.

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Providing ABA Therapy At Home In Plainfield

In-home ABA therapy sessions are quite similar to center-based ones since the main goal is to develop behavior plans that can give measurable results. At The Autism Therapy Group, we specialize in providing ABA therapy at home to ensure a comprehensive assessment and plan for your child’s special needs. This allows us to develop suitable goals, select treatment methods, and make adjustments where necessary.

A home environment also provides parents and caregivers the unique opportunity to understand the child’s needs and what can be done for positive progress. Our ABA analysts will meet you regularly to review this and implement non-invasive changes, where needed.

This method brings improvements in the following aspects:

The ultimate aim of the plan is to give the child a level of independence that can improve the quality of their lives significantly. Some of the autism therapy techniques used to achieve this include:

Positive Reinforcement

A child with learning and social disabilities is incapable of responding to certain situations in ways we consider as normal. With ABA therapy, they can be encouraged to adopt normal behaviors via positive reinforcement techniques. Our therapists are trained to understand when they should reward the child and when to expect appropriate behavior. If the child does not act appropriately, the behavior is corrected immediately.


These are non-invasive visual and verbal cues that are used to encourage certain positive behavior that act as gentle reminders for the child to behave in a simple way. This can be anything, from taking their shoes off when they want to get on the bed, washing their hands before a meal, etc. Eventually, the prompts are faded out when the child starts to behave without them.

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Parents who sign up with us at The Autism Therapy Group are provided with an iPad that is preloaded with the Catalyst software and video therapies for the duration of their child’s treatment. All of that data is also available to our therapists that are part of the process, and you can authorize external parties to access it as well. You will be given thorough reports on your child’s progress as the therapy commences to ensure you retain an active role in their development.

This will allow you to build a supportive network of parents and individuals who are going through the same therapies your child is undergoing or who have children with autism.

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