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At the Autism Therapy Group, our ABA specialists work flexibly to utilize several techniques for understanding and modifying the behavior of children with autism. We take pride in providing ABA therapy services to children at their homes and other suitable venues so that they may learn in a comfortable setting.

Our therapy sessions can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each child. Offering one-on-one sessions, we aim to teach children the basic, everyday skills while diminishing their negative behavior patterns.

Your ATG Support Team

At ATG we implement a 3-pillar approach the ensure that your child’s program is professionally and properly implemented by professional ABA specialists.  The team will be made up of three key members – a lead clinician (BCBA), a one-on-one therapist (RBT), and a client services manager.

ATG Client Support Team

How Can ATG Help?

Assessment Services
Is your child not reaching the typical developmental milestones they should be reaching? From behavioral and developmental assessments to the assessment of communication skills, we provide a complete clinical evaluation of your child to create an individualized ABA therapy treatment plan.

Intervention Services
We provide custom-tailored ABA therapy solutions to cater to the specific needs of each child. We’ll help promote pleasant behaviors in your child and decrease those that are harmful or negative.

One-on-one Treatment
We truly understand that every child with Autism is different based on their unique needs and challenges. We offer personalized treatment sessions for your child to make sure that they receive the attention, love, and care that they truly deserve.

Coordination of Care
ATG believes in creating a complete care plan for your child. We work with other care providers and community members to make sure your child’s education, healthcare, and family goals are consistent with your ABA therapy program.

Home-Based Therapy
We take pride in providing home-based therapy for your child so that they can learn in a comfortable environment. You’ll be proud to see how quickly and efficiently your child benefits from our therapy sessions at home.

Parent Training
Your love, care, and support will mean the world to your child, helping them grow in many ways for the better. We have special training sessions for parents to help them learn and understand the specific needs of their children and ways to address them properly.

Community Integration
Children with autism tend to require just a little more love and attention. They shouldn’t feel different than any other child in the community. Our goal is to improve the overall quality of life for your child and so, we strive to help them optimize their personal lives and skills to become happy, successful members of the community.

Why Choose The Autism Therapy Group?

Our team of applied behavior analysts is qualified and licensed with extensive training and experience in ABA Therapy. Boasting excellent empathetic and supportive skills, they’ll work with your child at your home to help them overcome challenging behaviors and learn vital life skills.

If you’re looking for qualified, professional applied behavior analysts for your child to conduct ABA therapy sessions at your home, The Autism Therapy Group can help.

The first step for starting services is to reach out to ATG to discuss your child’s specific needs and begin a free insurance consultation. We are available 24/7 by phone, text, or email – call (847) 465-9556 or contact us here.