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Our clinic in Lombard, Illinois is 16,000 square feet and waiting to meet your child’s ABA treatment needs! If you’d like to view our facility, please contact us here and book a visit with our Clinic Director or take a look at the clinic’s online tour below!



The Autism Therapy Group proudly welcomes you into our newest center located here in Lombard, Illinois. Our clinic stretches across 16,000 square feet, giving us the opportunity to provide not only effective but safe ABA therapy. Additionally, we continue to follow CDC guidelines while sanitizing often and thoroughly again to ensure our learners are safe, especially while interacting with their registered behavior technicians as well as their peers. Our clinic offers numerous one to one therapy rooms, peer engagement activities, social groups, multiple sensory stations, and an extensive gross motor area in order to best support our diverse learners as well as provide them with well rounded treatment. If you are interested in receiving center based ABA Services, call us today to schedule an initial consultation so we can get you and your child on the path to success here at the Autism Therapy Group. Our mission is independence together.

Why Choose The Autism Therapy Group?

Highly-qualified ABA therapists and staff

We have qualified clinicians with experience in best practices for Autism treatment. We make sure our ABA therapists are part of an ongoing education program to keep up with the latest developments in research, behavior change methods, and more!

ABA tools and technology

ATG is up to date on the most appropriate technology tools used in ABA therapy. We want to provide families with the most accurate data and detailed reports so you know what your child is doing during each session, how it correlates with their skills development, and where they still need support.

Practice with real-world data collection

We believe it is crucial to collect meaningful data about your child’s behavior during every session. Data that correctly reflects what they are learning is essential to understanding how they learn best!

Our dedication to service excellence

We are committed to helping families in whatever area they need. Our team is always available to help you with your questions and concerns, whether it’s by phone or email. We want to make sure that our clients are always comfortable reaching out for assistance!

Resources and family support

We recognize how challenging it can be to pursue ABA therapy. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary resources and expertise to help your child feel more comfortable, alleviate stressors, and continue learning at home! From monthly blogs to parent support groups, we want to help you and your family along this journey. Get in contact to find out how we can better support you at ATG.

How to schedule an ATG clinic tour:

Schedule an in-person tour with our Clinic Director, Betti here.
Watch our online clinic tour in the above video.

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