ATG: Recognized as a Great Place to Work for the Third Consecutive Year

At The Autism Therapy Group, we strive to provide our clients and their families with the highest quality of care. Our commitment to these individuals and communities has been recognized yet again by Great Place to Work who have now officially recognized ATG for a third consecutive year as a great place to work! This is an astounding achievement that displays the hardworking nature found in every member of our ATG family. Our team works tirelessly behind-the-scenes every day across different sites delivering exemplary services that are evidence-based, family centered and culturally responsive. In addition, they ensure each client’s goals are met with success through individualized programming and goal setting.

ATG and Our ABA Therapy Services

At the Autism Therapy Group, we understand that every individual with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has unique needs and abilities. That’s why we offer Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services that are tailored to the specific requirements of each client. ABA therapy is a proven method that can significantly improve communication, cognitive, social, and adaptive skills in individuals with ASD. Our therapists use evidence-based interventions and the latest techniques to help clients achieve their full potential. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for individuals with ASD and their families.

Overview of the Great Place to Work Certification Program

Great Place to Work™ is a certification program that helps organizations build high-trust, high-performance cultures. It provides a platform to benchmark organizations against top-notch employers worldwide, and a roadmap to improve organizational effectiveness. The certification program helps companies foster employee trust, boost productivity and retain top talent. Great Place to Work™ assesses organizations based on a comprehensive employee trust survey and a cultural audit, capturing both what the company culture looks like, and how employees perceive it. Becoming a certified Great Place to Work™ organization is not just about the certification itself, but about the journey of building a positive, inspirational workplace culture where employees are empowered to do their best work.

Great Place to Work Certification

Highlights of the ATG’s Acceptance as a GPTW Certified Company

Each year, The Autism Therapy Group calls on our amazing employees to participate in the Great Place to Work™ employee survey. This year, our team responded with enthusiasm and shared their honest feedback about ATG’s culture. We are proud to share that the survey results showed overwhelming support for ATG as a great place to work!

team hands in a group huddle

95% of our employees say we are a Great Place to Work

The Autism Therapy Group stands out as an extraordinary workplace, as evidenced by our employees’ feedback. An impressive 95% of our team members consider ATG a great place to work, in stark contrast to the average U.S.-based company where only 57% feel the same way. This striking disparity reflects our unwavering commitment to creating a supportive and fulfilling work environment. At ATG, we take pride in fostering a culture where our employees can thrive and make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and families affected by autism.

Exceptional Management at ATG

Our Great Place to Work profile speaks volumes about our management team. With an impressive 98% rating, it’s clear that our management is approachable, competent, and fosters a trusting environment. They believe in empowering employees, valuing their expertise without micromanagement. Moreover, our team believes that layoffs are a last resort, prioritizing job security. At ATG, we encourage a healthy work-life balance, ensuring our employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

Why ATG’s Mission is Important in Providing Quality Services For Clients, Families and Communities Impacted by Autism

We recognize that autism not only affects the individual but also has a profound impact on their families and the wider community. By offering family-centered services, we strive to support and empower families as they navigate the challenges of autism. Our expert therapists collaborate closely with families, providing guidance, education, and resources to foster positive outcomes.

Beyond individualized care, our dedication extends to the community at large. We believe in creating inclusive environments that embrace diversity and celebrate the strengths of individuals with ASD. By promoting awareness, acceptance, and understanding, we strive to build a society that embraces and supports everyone, regardless of their neurodiversity.

Learn more about ATG and our mission here 

Earning the Great Place to Work™ certification is a testament to the exceptional workplace culture at the Autism Therapy Group (ATG). Our commitment to fostering trust, providing a supportive environment, and promoting work-life balance has been recognized through outstanding employee feedback. This recognition further motivates us to continue delivering the highest quality of care and services to individuals, families, and communities impacted by autism.

Read our full Great Place to Work™ profile here

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