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ATG’s New Look

It has been a busy few months at ATG! We have been working towards creating a brand that better communicates our purpose, vision, and values in conjunction with our recent Two Year BHCOE Accreditation.

The BHCOE Accreditation is a certification given to an applied behavior analysis provider once it has demonstrated it has met and continues to meet a comprehensive set of clinical and administrative standards as determined by an independent third-party evaluator. It’s a rigorous process and we are proud to have achieved it.

As we prepare to launch a variety of elements that we believe to be more fully aligned with who we are as an organization and acknowledge this achievement, we took a moment to talk with our CFO, Jeff Beseda about the ATG brand and what he hopes it communicates.

This is our conversation.

Q: Why did the executive leadership team decide that now was the time to focus on the ATG brand?

Jeff: Internally, The Autism Therapy Group has always been diligently focused on upholding the responsibilities we have to our clients and our employees. For us, that means ensuring that our employees are happy, competent, and fully supported to do their best work and that our clients maintain the highest confidence in the quality of services we offer. We also wanted to take this chance to recognize our transition to a BHCOE accredited ABA provider with a new look.

We are determined to do the right thing, to the best of our ability, in every situation. That’s not something we just talk about – we act on that ideal every day and are building a culture around it. So, from a branding perspective, we want to make sure we are communicating that to the outside world. We want to be clear and consistent – internally and externally – about what we stand for, what our values are, and what we are working to accomplish.

So, for us, the reason behind putting time and energy into our brand is about strengthening the consistency of our message and how we communicate who we are to the outside world. It’s important for us to be clear about what sets us apart as an organization.

Q: Let’s talk about that for a bit. What sets The Autism Therapy Group apart? What are the main things you want the ATG brand to communicate?

Jeff: Well, I think most important is that we put the needs of our clients first. One of the primary paths to ensuring world-class services for our clients is through employees that are happy to come to work and able to achieve a healthy work-life balance. We have high expectations of excellence and know that a part of achieving that is to support our employees in doing their best work and doing the right thing for their clients. We also want to be able to attract top talent.

We are dealing with the lives of children and their families. The stakes are high. If you have unhappy employees there is a danger of that coming through in their work, and there are significant negative consequences to that. We believe that if we treat people right, they’ll be able to do excellent work.

The other thing that’s important to communicate is that we are a value driven company. We of course still need to maintain a responsible standard of financial responsibility, but it is always rooted in doing the right thing for our clients.

Q: Tell me a bit about the new ATG logo and tagline and what it’s meant to represent?ATG Logo

Jeff: The three bands in the logo are meant to represent the key stakeholders in the client’s journey – the client themselves, the caretakers, and the community – all working together to help the client achieve the highest possible level of independence. We selected colors that we felt are approachable, inclusive, and optimistic, and communicate hope for a bright future.

 In many ways, the thing we are most excited about is the tagline – Independence Together. We tossed around a lot of different ideas for communicating our value in a succinct few words, but once we heard “Independence Together”, we really rallied around it.

In any situation, there are a lot of people involved in helping our clients to reach new levels of independence. There are the clinician and the client’s caretakers, of course. But there is also all of us at ATG supporting the clinician and the caretakers, the client’s school, other family members, and the community as a whole. The client can achieve the highest level of independence when we are all working together in their best interest. But, it’s not only the client that benefits from that level of support. When we are working together, everyone benefits – the clinicians, the families, schools, other care staff, friends, neighbors, etc.

We hope those two simple words – independence together– will represent all areas of support coming together in the service of everyone’s best interest. We don’t see “independence” as representing solitude. Rather, it’s an opportunity for greater interaction in social and community environments.

Q: Besides the new logo and tagline, how else is ATG planning on communicating the message behind the brand?

Jeff: We are redesigning the ATG website with the intention of providing parents with a higher level of support and resources. There will be a 24/7 chat and call center, links to important resources, and plenty of support information.

We are also just opened an ABA therapy clinic in Lombard that will offer a totally different kind of service to clients than in-home therapy. A clinic will allow us to offer additional services and provide clients with a more comprehensive care plan.

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