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Our Hiring Process

Our Hiring Process Ensures the Best ABA Therapy for Your Child

Autism Client Support TeamWhen your child receives an autism diagnosis, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You have so many questions and concerns. You’re bombarded with options, opinions, and studies. You feel the weight of your child’s future on your shoulders.

Finding quality ABA therapy you can put your trust in shouldn’t be another stressor for you. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

Here at the Autism Therapy Group, we’ve made finding the right ABA therapy easier. Our comprehensive, in-depth hiring process guarantees your child receives the highest quality care.

What Goes Into Finding Our Highly-Skilled ABA Therapists?

We’ve fine-tuned our hiring process to ensure the therapist your child works with is: 

  • Safe
  • Qualified
  • Trained
  • Supported

While the ABA therapist field is always in need of workers, we don’t hire just anybody. After a candidate applies, we get to work, ensuring they’ll deliver only the best in quality ABA therapy.

Every applicant first goes through a thorough screening. They must:

  • Pass an extensive background check
  • Complete a 3-4 question recorded preliminary interview.
  • Supply a resume boasting:
    • A degree in psychology or a related field
    • Experience working in ABA or with special needs children or adults
    • Experience working in a school setting
  • Take part in a virtual or phone interview with the staffing director

Our Hiring Process Sets Us Apart

It’s tough to judge whether a candidate is a good fit for our company by reviewing their credentials on paper. 

That’s why we take the hiring process much further. Unlike other ABA therapy service providers, we include our entire management team in the hiring process. Because every interview is recorded, each center’s clinical director and anyone else in management can weigh in and give feedback. 

If they all agree they are a good fit for our company, they move on to the next step in obtaining an ABA therapy job with us. 

Quality Training and Support = Quality ABA Therapy

Before our employees work with your child, they start a training program to become a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). This extensive training equips them with the proper tools to deliver ABA therapy independently. 

RBT Training

The first part of our training program includes:

  • Virtual training of scheduling and data collection software
  • 40 hours of online training modules to be completed within 45 days of hire
  • A Competency Assessment administered by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) supervisor within two weeks of module completion

To make sure employees are committed to meeting our training requirements, they must sit for the RBT exam within 90 days of their hire date. This elevates the new employee’s clinical competence and guarantees your child receives excellent ABA therapy.

Mentor Shadowing

Another crucial part of our training process is the mentor shadowing program. While our new employee completes RBT training, they shadow their assigned BCBA mentor into your home. They observe as their mentor implements your child’s individualized treatment program. Within each shadowing session, they will engage in the sessions and build a relationship with you and your child. 

The BCBA mentor closely monitors the soon-to-be RBT. They observe their abilities and readiness to work with you and your child independently. There’s no pressure and no specific timeframe for this. Every child and every therapist is different. Rest assured, each RBT works with your child on their own only when they are ready.

Consistency is key to providing seamless, top-quality ABA therapy. That’s why each member of our team always has two points of contact for support. Once your RBT completes their official onboarding training, they continue to communicate with their supervising BCBA and Regional Manager. 

Continuous Support

Your input on the ABA services you receive is extremely valuable to us. All children are wonderfully unique, and what works for one child might not work for the next. That’s why we continuously work with you to assess and reassess the ongoing therapy process. Together, we’ll evaluate what’s working and what might need a little tweaking.

We take your input and the findings from our internal Therapist Evaluation Forms to assess the skills and growth of our RBTS. Our Regional Managers, Clinical Directors, Supervising BCBAs, and RBTs all participate in ongoing staff training and development to continually increase our skills. We’re always learning and growing!

Not Just Any ABA Therapy Provider

As you can see from our hiring process, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Your child’s success in overcoming the obstacles that come with an autism diagnosis is our primary goal. 

Our well-trained, highly-skilled, and impressively-supported staff adheres to a strict code of ethics. We guarantee your child will receive attentive, dedicated, and compassionate ABA therapy from our high-caliber therapists. 

Quality Over Quantity

One major issue in our field is therapist turnover. Other ABA therapy providers often overload their employees with way too many clients, causing stress and burnout. When they quit, you and your child are forced to introduce a new therapist into the mix. 

That’s counter-productive. 

Here at The Autism Therapy Group, we do things a little differently. We believe the quality of ABA therapy trumps the quantity of clients we serve. 

Rather than being driven by billable hours, our therapists focus on what is right for your child. Our in-home ABA therapy and therapy centers boast happy, fulfilled, well-trained, and non-burned-out employees. 

Yet another reason we’re able to attract the best clinical talent to our team. 

Sound Like a Good Fit?

If you live in Illinois, Texas, or Wisconsin, your “ABA therapy near me” search ends with us. We serve satisfied clients throughout these three states and continue to grow. Our in-home ABA therapy and center-based therapy is unparalleled, thanks to our in-depth hiring process. You won’t find better assistance for your child with autism anywhere else!

Get Started Today!

We’re Always Looking for ABA Therapy Team Members

Are you or someone you know looking for an ABA therapy job? As one of the leading ABA therapy providers in three states, we’re continuously looking to expand our highly-skilled team. 

When you work for us, you get:

  • Competitive compensation
  • FREE training
  • Supportive mentorship programs
  • Detailed career roadmap
  • Incomparable ongoing support

Share this blog post with someone who might be interested in a rewarding career in ABA therapy or search our open positions and apply online.

Great company to work for! They support their staff and care for the families we work with. I would highly recommend working here to anyone seeking an ABA career or ABA services!” -Christine K.


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