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Grand Opening of Our Lombard ABA Therapy Center

ATG’s Quality ABA Therapy Will Soon Be Available Outside of Your Home

We’ve been hard at work, creating a beautiful, welcoming space for your child to safely learn, play, socialize, and grow. Starting this November, your child can meet with our highly-trained therapists in your home or our brand new autism therapy center in Lombard, Illinois. Combined with our headquarters, this warm and inviting, specially-designed ABA therapy center is dedicated to helping your child discover their true potential.

Benefits of Center-Based ABA Therapy

Our roots are in in-home ABA therapy, and we still firmly believe in its effectiveness. But there are some benefits to center-based therapy that you just can’t get at home:

  • Quality one-on-one therapy AND social interaction: Our new center is over 16,000 square feet! That gives your child plenty of space to receive one-on-one individualized therapy in a safe, distraction-free environment and benefit from social interaction all under one roof.

Autism Therapy Center in Lombard IllinoisBecause social interaction is a crucial component of ABA therapy, our new autism therapy center’s clean, safe, social interaction space is a considerable benefit to center-based therapy. This is where your child can practice the skills they learn in their Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP). When you choose home-based ABA therapy, the social aspect is really up to you most of the time. But when you choose center-based ABA therapy, your child gets one-on-one therapy and social interaction all in one place.

  • Structured environment: In-home ABA therapy is extremely effective. But studies suggest some children grow faster in a center-based learning environment. This may be because familiar surroundings often offer more distractions. 

When your child comes to our new ABA therapy center, they’ll associate it with therapy time. Home then becomes a separate entity. Of course, your child needs to practice what they learn in therapy at home. But, due to fewer distractions in a designated learning place, your child may focus better in our center. 

Of course, all children are wonderfully unique, so this might not apply to your son or daughter.

  • Multiple fabricated learning situations: In our center, your child can practice the critical behavior, communication, and social skills they learn in therapy in fabricated situations. For example, if your child is preparing to go to school, our highly-trained staff will fabricate a classroom-like environment for them to practice. 

Our center also features a kitchen, a washer, and a dryer designated for teaching. Here, your child can practice their independent living and adaptive learning skills. This is especially helpful for those children who may not have access to such things at home.

  • Easily fosters the child-therapist relationship: Our highly-skilled staff works hard to establish a strong bond with your child, whether they meet in your home or our center. But when your child meets with their therapist in our ABA therapy center, they’ll get the added benefit of learning in a structured, collaborative environment and experience a sense of community. 

The morale in our ABA therapy center is one of teamwork. Our like-minded staff works together to help children like yours grow and succeed. In such a positive and supportive environment, your child will develop a strong bond with their therapist quickly. 

We’ve Taken Extra Care to Ensure You and Your Child Feel Comfortable

Yes, our beautiful new headquarters and ABA therapy center is BIG! But you don’t have to worry about your child feeling overwhelmed by a large space. Your child’s individual therapy room and every other area of our center is warm and inviting. 

Our autism therapy center’s aspects are designed with your child in mind, from the soothing paint colors to the teaching tools, to the comfortable seating options. The larger area used for social interaction features hands-on manipulatives, activities, and plenty of space to interact with others. 

As for you, the parent, we want you to be comfortable too. To protect your confidentiality, we have a designated conference room to talk with you about your child’s progress and any concerns you may have.

And, of course, we’re working strictly within CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of you, your child, and our staff.

Our Plans Don’t End at The Ribbon-Cutting

We’re always looking for ways to add even more value to our ABA Therapy program. We have exciting plans for the future of our beautiful new autism therapy center. While hope to be up and running in November of 2020, you can look forward to additional benefits to come, including:

  • An outdoor play area
  • Camps during school breaks
  • Even more one-on-one individual therapy rooms
  • The ability to bus your child straight from school to the center in some districts
  • A continuous rotation of new and exciting materials to keep learning engaging and interesting

Not Sure if In-Center ABA in Therapy is Right For Your Child?

We understand an autism diagnosis can be overwhelming. Choosing between in-center and in-home ABA therapy may seem like yet another daunting choice you have to make for your child’s health and well-being. 

We’re here to help. 

Our highly-trained therapists ensure your child gets what they need to succeed, whether that’s in our ABA therapy center or your home. We’ll assess your child’s individual needs, develop an ITP, and help them reach their full potential.

To better determine which path is right for your child, fill out our “get started” form.  Whatever route you choose, your child will get the same level of ABA therapy, guaranteed.

We Look Forward to Seeing You in Our Beautiful New Center

We’d love for you to come to check out our gorgeous new facility and chat with us about your child’s needs. You and your child will get a first-hand glimpse of our individual therapy rooms, social interaction space, and some of the therapy tools we use. 

To stay informed about our exact opening date, give us a call at (847) 465-9556 or fill out an inquiry form. Let us know you’d like to stay in the loop about our definite opening date, and we’ll be sure to contact you.

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